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What causes my kohler engine to backfire

If you want your engine to run smoothly and without issue then everything needs to run like clockwork. If it doesn't, then you may find that your lawnmower starts backfiring unexpectedly. In much the same way that fuel could pool in the motor and ignite outside of it, the timing of the engine could cause fuel to spark in the wrong place.

A bad exhaust valve or too lean a fuel mixture will also cause an engine to backfire. Backfires occur when burning fuel enters the engine or the exhaust. If pockets of unspent fuel enter the engine before the valves close or escape to the exhaust system, a backfire occurs.

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. If the valves are coated in sludge, damaged or bent, the valve doesn’t seal the combustion chamber. When the piston compresses the air and fuel mix, some of the mix escapes the damaged or bent valves. The fuel explodes somewhere else, causing the backfire. Bent valves are an expensive fix, but ignoring them would be even more costly.

Home » Blog » Kohler Courage 22hp will not start.Community Stats. 1 day 7 days 30 days Max. View More. Top ... I looked thru service manual for your engine and only one system listed on this engine, CD fixed system.It doesn't have a 12volt trigger like spark advance. 2016/04 ... Vanguard EFI 23hp 38e4 Wiring diagram. Home » Blog » Kohler Courage 22hp will not start.

Once there, it will cause a backfire when it ignites. A good way to avoid this is to gradually slow your engine speed. Even letting the engine idle for 15 seconds before you turn it off can eliminate the backfire. Fuel Issues. If the engine backfires while you’re in the middle of mowing, then there are a couple of possible causes.

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